1980 - Born in France
2000 - Prépa HEC Lycée Chevrollier Angers France
2004 - Master's Degree in Management Ifag Paris France
2005 - Bike food delivery man Speed-Burger Angers France
2008 - IT Technical Support in a call center France
2010 - Photographer Movie Director France
2015 - Independant Photographer based in Tokyo Japan


Publications : website, Advertisement, French and international magazines, such as « Les Échos », « Le Point », etc. Other references, photography for music bands, (CD covers, magazines, advertisement) for writers (events, newspaper, magazines), and obviously for friends who have various kind of activities and needs. See exemple on my editorial presentation website


Challenge the conventional view of what it means to photograph the city. I'm instructor and give "Tokyo Metropolis" and "Streets of Tokyo" Workshops. Tokyo Is a good place for joining into a photography workshop ! Check the availability right now, Go to the Eyexplore Tokyo Website


I can fit your photography or video production request. For exemple events / corporate / portfolio / Interviews.
I can even propose film photography shooting and introduction to analog photography, Check my film pictures here ! You can directly buy licences of my pictures here on my licence marketplace Don't hesitate to contact me for any request !

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